Neon Art and Signs by Eve Hoyt

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Neon Bizarre

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Toys I Loved
18H x 18W x 3D
As a little girl growing up in the 1970's, I spent a lot of time in my room playing with Weebles, Little People, and Troll dolls. I would set up towns and play sets, then spend countless hours acting out scenes with them. Saturday mornings were a thrill, as much for the toy commercials as the cartoons. Each fresh box of cereal a delight, more for the promise of the toy at the bottom than the sugar coated goodness. This piece is a tribute to the toys I loved as a child. Over the years I've developed a fondness for flea markets and antique stores, and as a result have acquired many of the toy treasures I once had. I enjoyed making a piece which combines neon with the things that brought me joy as a child. I chose to fill this neon tube with a mix of argon and neon gas which produces a glow that is soft and fuzzy, much like those cherished childhood memories of the toys I loved.